Milei criticizes Madrid after comment about ‘substances’ – DW – 05/04/2024

Madrid’s Foreign Ministry on Saturday denounced the verbal attack on Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez by Argentine President Javier Milei.

“The Spanish government categorically rejects the baseless words… that do not reflect the relations between the two countries and their brotherly people,” Spanish officials said.

The Foreign Ministry statement was a response to blistering accusations made by the Argentine president in an official statement claiming that Sánchez’s policies would bring “death and poverty” to the Spanish people.

On the social media platform bring her downfall” – a reference to a deal Sanchez made with regional Basque and Catalan parties to form a government.

Milei’s words in turn appeared to be a response to comments made by Spanish Transport Minister Oscar Puente on Friday. During a panel discussion in the city of Salamanca, Puente suggested that Milei had “swallowed substances” during last year’s Argentine election campaign.

Far-right populist Milei’s anti-immigrant statements echo those of Spain’s opposition party VOX, which Argentina has publicly supported.

Milei is expected to travel to Spain in two weeks to take part in an event organized by VOX ahead of the upcoming European elections.

In February, both Milei and VOX leader Santiago Abascal appeared alongside former US President Donald Trump – as well as a host of other far-right Latin American, North American and European politicians – at the annual conservative confab CPAC in Washington, DC

CPAC is trying to expand its appeal beyond the US

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