Hundreds of migrants to the US ‘rescued’ from coaches in Mexico

Hundreds of migrants to the US 'rescued' from coaches in Mexico
Three tour buses full of illegal migrants found “abandoned” along the highway in Veracruz

Authorities say they this week “rescued” more than 400 illegal migrants, including dozens of unaccompanied minors, from three tour buses abandoned on a highway in Mexico.

The incident took place on Thursday in the state of Veracruz, on the Gulf coast.

Three tour buses full of people were found on the side of the Minatitlán-Acayucan highway.

A total of 407 migrants traveled to the US without permission to stay in Mexico in “unhealthy conditions” on the overcrowded buses, the National Migration Institute (INM) explained in a press release.

“The people identified come from seven countries in the Caribbean, Central and South America; 91 traveled in family groups (30 women, 15 men and 46 children under 18) and 52 girls, boys and adolescents were found without the company of an adult.”

The migrants have been taken into custody by various agencies, but it is unclear whether they will be removed from the country.

The “rescue” came moments after 85 illegal migrants were pulled from a tractor-trailer in nearby Tabasco state.

“The event took place on the morning of Saturday, April 27, on the Escárcega-Villahermosa federal highway, near the municipality of Macuspana. During the inspection of the vehicle, people from Ecuador, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua were identified who did not have permits to travel through the country,” the INM explained in a statement this week.

On Tuesday, INM agents removed 104 illegal migrants from a shelter in Ciudad Juarez, just across the border from El Paso, Texas.

Migrants often die or suffer serious injuries in accidents and accidents while traveling through Mexico and Central America to the U.S., as InfoWars regularly reports.

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