Petro celebra who has now discovered the Colombian playas is the best in the world – Publimetro Colombia

Nuve playas colombianas has sold the international Blue Flag (Bandera Azul), which has the exploration as one of the best things in the world, for your contribution with the mediocre environment. We celebrate Gustavo Petro’s second president in his social life.

“Colombia, the país de la Belleza has 9 playas de estatus global”.

This is distinguished by the maritime costs of the planet, which realize positive qualities of the culture and the local actors and their communities, among other aspects.


Water caliber, security, services, management, education, environmental information and “compromising with the management of our tourist destinations” are the razones that form the basis for the Ambiental Education (FEE) to distinguish estas playas colombianas.

The Colombian playgrounds discover the best in the world of the world

Your playground equipment receives the galard for the first time: Playa El Edén and Playa Palo Blanco, the Tolú, Sucre.

For next time there is another group of galardonadas: El Morro, and Tumaco, Nariño; Playa Dorada, and Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca; Playa Blanca, in Santa Marta, Magdalena, and Playa Segunda Ensenada, in Coveñas, Sucre.

Another special discovery has been made in the field of play that will keep an eye on the bond between men and women in the coming years: Bello Horizonte, and Santa Marta; Playa Azul de La Boquilla, in Cartagena, and Playa de Johnny Cay, on San Andrés Isla.

What is sold internationally?

The organization of the sale of Bandera has great significance for the ecological system of the players on the playing field by stimulating local tourism and extravagant tourism, increasing the quality of recreational opportunities, and the next steps, regulations, planning and other decisions are facilitated by the playas.

At the same time, consolidating the responsible and sustainable development of tourism in each municipality implies a similar association with the bioeconomy.