Thousands of Palestinians have applied for humanitarian visas, with very few approved: report

Several dozen Palestinians from Gaza have so far received Canadian visas under a humanitarian program announced earlier this year.

“Since April 24, 179 public policy temporary residence visa applicants have been granted visas to come to Canada,” reads a statement Ministry research from the Ministry of Immigration. “A total of 304 applicants have been submitted for assessment by the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Gaza Exit Areas.”

The demographic breakdown isn’t known yet, but it is believed that the majority of applicants are men and boys.

The Enquiry To date, 7,739 applications have been submitted, of which 1,421 have been rejected. “Most web form rejections are due to missing information documents,” the report said.

Applicants must be photographed and fingerprinted before departing for Canada, reported Blacklock’s reporter. According to Immigration Minister Marc Miller, it is the responsibility of the Israeli authorities to carry out mandatory security checks in the war zone.

He previously highlighted the “extremely difficult” situation for asylum seekers to leave Gaza, noting that this may not be possible for some.”

The government of Canada has said it will not conduct rescue missions in the Gaza Strip. That further complicates matters because the Immigration Ministry cannot finalize applications until the clients have left Gaza, a separate document said. Enquiry.

“The Israelis have their say,” Miller told reporters on December 21. “They will screen people and decide whether to leave or not.”

Those who managed to leave Gaza were required to provide personal information to Israeli authorities, including names, dates of birth, gender, passport or national identification numbers and “location by district.”

They must then obtain their biometric data in Cairo, Egypt and submit documentation to enter Canada.

Minister Miller expressed frustration on March 20 that Ottawa was not issuing enough humanitarian visas to Gazans. “This is a program that we knew from the beginning could be a failure,” he said. “So far it’s been a failure and I think we have to realize that.”

The Saskatoon Open Door Society called Israel’s treatment of Gaza residents “unjust and deeply discriminatory.” Last week they submitted a parliamentary application petition that Canada would take in at least 10,000 displaced Palestinians.

Humanitarian visa applications open on January 9 with a quota of 1,000 displaced Palestinians, which petition E-4959 deemed “unreasonable” and “inhumanely restrictive.”

New Democratic lawmaker Jenny Kwan, who sponsored the petition, also needed the latter Enquiry figures. She asked: “How many temporary residence visas have been issued since January 9 to certain extended families affected by the crisis in Gaza?”

“We are all failing the people of Gaza right now,” Miller previously told reporters. “I think we have to realize that, that they are victims of – it’s probably the biggest hostage situation in the world right now.”

“People in and around Rafah are highly exposed to death, famine and bombing,” he said.