Alias ​​​​Messi: a Colombian ex-futbolist who wins with his red criminal by several propiedades

For the purchase of good value for money the credit is Colprensa and Dijín

The recent studies concern a phenomenon that deals with the narcotráfico on the football world of Colombia, especially regarding the escuelas of the formation of young talents.

A journey through an audio series in the budget position and a diary story El Tiempo, There is illegal financial evidence in the takeover of football players’ deportivos.

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Because the captain Ferney of Jesús Cardona Bello, conocido in the world under the alias Soya, deals with his participation in this type of activities, especially in the reversal of the original dinner in football escuelas.

One of the academic worlds, The Club Deportivo Colo Colo confesses the presentation of a cercano player on Soya between his filasA unique black person directly related to the drug trade indicates that a person from Cardona Bello is an entrepreneur with his past life.

He is William Guillermo Zapata, alias Yemo, hermano de alias Messi, and he is the man of the company Inversiones Inmobiliarias del Café SAS – national police credit

This situation is not in a case where different equipment guidelines are the first time the second division in the country is expressed with your question.

“A Muchachos de For 16 years, the Pagans have made 20 million dollars through their deportivos and starting careers around the world. It is a case that you are a bad guy”, indicates that the owner of an equipment of the first division of Colombian football is in the middle of communication.

Previously, when an operation targeted the red lavado of activities and drug trafficking by Jhon Fredy Zapata, aka Messi, federal agents obtained crucial information about soy and the red lavado of dinner.

Alejandro Pino Calad reveals that the fiscal bus between the murders of Édgar Paez, antiguo de Tigres de Bogotá, and the narcotraficante “alias Messi” won the golf club and was arrested in 2021 – credit @pinocalad/Instagram and Dijín

This study emerged from another study that implies an expansion of the Colombian squad, which was part of the American Copa camp in 2001 and Elkin Antonio Murillo, who in fact led a football escuela.

Murillo has made his way to an opportunistic eradication of the rule, and that is what he learned when he entered into relations with the gentleman’s lord aka MessiWilliam Guillermo Zapata, aka Yemo.

Según Murillo, the dinner with the product offered from the venta of the venta of Yerson Mosquera in Wolverhampton (Inglaterra) is that you get 20% of the value of your representative social credit

If people find a significant value inferior to the value of the market, this is a process of extinction of supremacy, which allows a possible connection to the wall with the lavado dinners.

Esos is loose in 2021. Este Muchacho (William Zapata) is not an era of justice for the judge, it is so rare that a few are still eaten one of the things you see in your name,” Murillo said of the advice he gave El Tiempo already exjugador that you can shine in different equipments of Colombian football as Deportivo Cali and Atlético Nacional among several others, breathe from Ecuador and Peru.

“I think I am an entrepreneur and a young talent, a football person and need to invite everyone. It is an issue of Armenia, and a party of friends. Contact the feeling of the sport of football”, with the exdelantero, who has become one of the first players in the fight against Mexico, which ended on July 29, 2001 in the El Campín stadium and was contested three years ago de la Tricolor por 1 to 0.

Ultimately, Murillo agrees “It’s unfair that when you sell something you have a problem stopping the fact that you can compare it,” When the case occurs in a man of his life, while the hermanic Zapata realizes a reversal of his form.