MSC Meraviglia Bahamas Cruise Review 2024 (Podcast)

In this podcast episode, Daniel recounts his seven-night journey aboard the MSC Maravilla, starting from Brooklyn, New York. He chooses the luxurious Yacht Club and praises the exclusive boarding and personal service, including a butler.

The grand design of the ship, especially the crystal stairs and atrium, left a strong impression. The dining experiences were varied, with some restaurants meeting his high expectations.

Despite enjoying the ship’s amenities, Daniel faced challenges with the casino’s smoking policy and language barriers among culturally diverse passengers. His cabin was luxurious, but the smoke smell forced him to change rooms. The cruise included stops in Port Canaveral, Nassau and Ocean Cay.

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MSC Meraviglia cruise ship
MSC Meraviglia (Photo courtesy of MSC Cruises)


  • Embarkation and yacht club (00:00:31) Daniel’s experience on board the MSC Meraviglia and his first impressions of the Yacht Club.
  • Yacht Club facilities and restaurants (00:04:37) Description of Yacht Club amenities, including dining options and special services.
  • Specialty Dining and Value for Money (00:10:01): This section reviews specialty dining experiences and compares their value MSC and other cruise lines.
  • Cultural Differences and Passenger Interactions (00:12:29) Discussion of cultural differences and passenger interactions experienced during the cruise.
  • Cabin and entertainment (00:15:45) Description of the solo cabin and thoughts on onboard entertainment, including stand-up comedy and music shows.
  • Casino and Customer Service (00:18:21) Comments about the casino, smoking policy and customer service experiences.
  • Crowds and Yacht Club Retreat (00:20:19): This is an overview of the hustle and bustle and the benefits of the Yacht Club as a refuge from traffic jams.
  • Sundeck and Ports of Call (00:20:53): This video describes the Yacht Club’s sundeck and brief overviews the three ports of call.
  • Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach (00:21:35): We discussed a broken blender, resort pass and souvenirs in Port Canaveral and Cocoa Beach.
  • Nassau and Margaritaville (00:22:35) Describes the resort pass experience at Margaritaville and the lazy river in Nassau.
  • Ocean Cay and Massage Experience (00:23:57) Explore the private island of Ocean Cay and the relaxing massage experience on the beach.
  • Food and Experience at Ocean Cay (00:25:09) Sharing dissatisfaction with the food and overall experience at Ocean Cay.
  • Bad weather encounter (00:25:30) Describes the challenging weather conditions experienced during the cruise.
  • Disembarking and traffic in Brooklyn (00:27:08) Disembark efficiently and deal with traffic in Brooklyn.
  • Tips for sailing on the MSC Meraviglia (00:27:48) Giving tips for novice sailors on the MSC Meraviglia and for a stay in the yacht club.
  • Considerations for Future Cruises (00:28:39) Reflecting on the cruise experience and thinking about future cruises with MSC.
  • Cruise Highlights (00:28:47) Highlighting the unforgettable private island massage experience and the feeling of gratitude.
  • Final thoughts on MSC Meraviglia (00:29:37) A summary of thoughts on the MSC Meraviglia and recommending it to avid cruisers.