Mother’s Day In Focus: Women Encouraged to Realize Their Divine Role.

There is a divine feminine energy that resides in every woman on the planet. This spiritual energy, while sometimes hidden, is powerful beyond measure, and as Mother’s Day comes into focus, Trinidad and Tobago’s Empress Aje says the time has come, once again, to encourage the country’s women to stand in the beauty and strength of their being .

Her effort to highlight this innate strength is seen in the annual production of her event, ‘The Iba Music Festival.’ Now in its fourth year, the creative showcase returns with love and empowerment at its core. “I don’t think women truly understand what they possess. My effort is to remind women of who they are, the contributions they can make. They must understand that they have a lot of power in their hands- power that can ultimately reach out to change the direction of both men, and children.”


Naomi Sinette

Empress Aje is a woman of impeccable standard who holds fast to the Yoruba tradition. Strengthened by the African teachings of this tradition, she operates solely by spiritual guidance from ‘my ancestors,’ as she explains. Her assignment this Mother’s Day weekend brings the likes of illustrious entertainers, Nisa, Jaron Nurse, Farmer Nappy, Collis Duranty, Stephanie Joseph, Naomi Sinette and Darren Sheppard with NLCB Fonclaire, into focus. Aje will also be a part of the musical lineup, serenading all women on Saturday.

Expanding on her belief in the importance of promoting the divine feminine power in Trinidad and Tobago, Empress Aje says, “More women should be placed in strategic areas of our country’s political landscape.” She believes these women must however understand who they are and add value to the positions they attain.

Farmer Nappy will perform at the Iba Music Festival on May 11th.

A prompt 6:30pm commencement carded for Saturday, May 11th‘s, Iba Music Festival, Empress Aje assures that variety is at the core of the show. “The event offers great musical variety. As the creative director, I’ve carefully chosen each element of the showcase to deliver positive vibrations on who we are celebrating this weekend.” Added to the live entertainment, the Festival, which is being hosted in the Amphitheater area, also hosts a number of creative vendors who are being given the opportunity to share their work with patrons. “Initially, I did have second thoughts about hosting the event this year, however I was encouraged to deliver, and I am happy that I listened. Everything has fallen into place,” she said.

Over the past four years, the Iba Music Festival moved from the Little Carib Theater to the Naparima Bowl. The event was also hosted virtually during the pandemic and even amid that challenge, Empress Aje, a former corporate employee, explained that she was propelled by a higher power, to keep promoting this positive celebration of feminine energy. “In 2022, I was guided to move the show to South. We had artists like Freetown Collective and Queen Omega, and the event made an enormous impact. We’ve remained in South since that time,” she explained, noting that patrons can expect nothing but good energy, love and enjoyment ahead of Mother’s Day.

For further information on the Iba Music Festival, those interested can call 868-770-1241.